Friday, December 05, 2008


“Where were you all this time? These months?” asked Radha. 

Krishna said with a smile, “I was travelling in many lands, through deserts, over seas and oceans and learning more of life.

“Did you ever think of me?” Radha persisted.

“All the time. You were with me every moment with every beat of this heart. When I crossed the rivers I took you in my arms so as not to wet you. When I traveled through deserts I kept you hidden in my heart away from the scorching heat. When I slept I dreamt of your soft hands caressing my face tenderly. Radha, you were with me every day and every moment.”

“You sweet talker! All the butter that you ate has gone into your words”. Krishna burst out laughing. Radha pouted her lips. He was amused by her anger and kissed her. Then he took out his flute and played a melody she loved the most. 

The evening sky was bright with a red light. The huge banyan tree they sat under was filled with chirping birds who were settling down in the evening. His melody calmed her and she sat near him with her arms around his dark body. Then she was strangely silent. “Why are silent today, Radha? Why are you looking at me like this?” She said nothing and went on looking at his face as tenderly as a mother would look at her baby.

“Don't ever go away from me, my dearest. Being away from you is death for me”, she thought of telling him. Her mind formed many more words but never said it aloud: “I love you. I need you. I promise you that I will love you, respect you and cherish you till the end of my life”. 

“I am always with you, my beloved and I can hear your each thought, each sigh, feel your each tear too”, he whispered in her ears. “Then why do you go away from me?”

He rested on her lap and played his flute. She moved her face close to his and kissed his eyes. Strands of her long hair were falling on his ecstatic face. His eyes were still like a calm lake. Then suddenly it started to rain.

The earth was dancing under the touch of rain. So was she dancing under Krishna's touch. Neither of them moved and they sat under the banyan tree with the rain dripping through the branches and soaking them.

Krishna got up to go and as he was about to go she ran to him. “Don't go away from me again” and started crying. His head was wet from the rain and she felt a strange desire to hold him close to her heart and never let him go any where. 

Radha was awakened by the sound of bells. She saw that her beloved had left her and she was alone beneath that huge banyan tree. She sobbed “I am always yours Krishna. Never to be touched by another”. Tears ran down her cheeks and in the morning light her face looked so forlorn. 

The morning light soft and shiny drained through the curtains in her room. She woke up and suddenly understood that it was just a dream. Her Krishna was there lying on the bed fast asleep. She smiled and caressed his unshaven face. She planted a kiss on his forehead and snuggled against him.

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