Sunday, March 15, 2009

If life was perfect for me, on request!

If life was perfect, I would never have lost you to silence,
Or you thought over what an innocent kiss really meant,
It would have been a celebration of our mutual silences
With a huge degree of understanding, not hide-and-seek.

If life was perfect, it would have smelt of fresh coffee,
Your perfume, shined with your glaring new blue shirt,
Your Abby baby movie-star good looks and impeccable manners,
Along with those caring ways, never with another.

If life was perfect, to laugh would have been easy,
To cry easier and to trust and confide the easiest,
It would have given freely, not full of tragedies,
Which were between the cup and the lip always.

If life was perfect, I’d be what I am in my dreams,
Putting words into perfect little sheets, bound to books,
Or teaching children to sing rhymes and poems,
Or loving my little voices that mingle with mine.

Still if life was perfect, I would sit at night on the seashore,
With you gazing surprised at how beautiful I’m in black,
Talking of sweet nothings to remember and treasure,
That would be a perfect moment, for years to come...

1 comment:

കൊച്ചു മുതലാളി said...

Nice one.

But it would be more better if you write some lines in the way which world looks at you when your life was perfect....

Keep going....