Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Chempaka

The chempaka with its ivory-shades and yellow centre is still my favourite flower. I cannot resist picking up a flower from the ground, whenever I see one. In front of the quarters, where we stayed, there was a chempaka that dropped flowers on the well-cut green lawn below. A chempaka in bloom sends out smells, especially at night. 

It was a relatively tall tree; for its branches were near our balcony on the first floor. The little girls who gathered in the evenings and on holidays made a lot of noise as they deftly tied these fallen flowers into garlands. Those evenings were full of energy for them, while I, a little grown-up of fifteen watched them with interest.


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swapnap said...

Maria, i like them too.My school compound had many a variety and my fav hobby was to pick them. Then with my ink pen cap i would carve out a bindi from the petal!! it was so velvety soft that i keep on feeling it with my fingers for eternity.