Friday, June 26, 2009


You might have heard me sing of love,
When all your hopes are lost and gone,
While time has moved silently,
Shrouded love with forgetfulness.

This love has become the truth,
Now to be sung from rooftops,
For the near and far to wonder,
What makes this love so special?

The earth celebrates the touch of rain,
With many fresh green sprouts of life
That peek through the little space
Found on walls, floors and ground.

You are like rain that fed the earth,
With positive thoughts and beliefs,
With rare dreams and fantasies,
Hardly said aloud or acknowledged.

It's the piece of earth in me (my head)
That loves the rain of your memories.


avdi said...


you ever thought of publishing your stuff?

I would lose the (my head) in the last line.. its beautiful

Its the piece of earth in me
that loves the rain of your memories

MS JOY said...

Thanks Avdi...No, I have not published anything yet...still in the process of becoming a writer!

swapnap said...

Enjoyed reading it and i could see those moss filled damp walls and tiny sprouts on crevices :)

Loved it Maria, you bring to my eyes so many things i love and miss.

Celtic prayer