Some words

A thousand blank pages wait to record a few lines,
Some serious, some trivial, some mixed like life,
All gathered from the same rambling mind,
Which has loved to dream, to love and to lose.

The serious thoughts were all about your loss
A vacuum that I have never been able to fill,
A turning point from the fact that I was loved,
Into a world full of options and crossroads.

The trivial thoughts were all written in joy,
A bundle of words on a beautiful morning,
When the fresh air and bright blue sky
Was more than enough to make me high.

But the best was always the mixed ones,
Not too sad or happy; just real like today's.

Friday, May 31, 2013


We were the best together
Those who speak without  words.

We could hear each thought
And feel the pain behind words.

Yet we were so alike in nature,
We would suffer than confess.

One day of absence was like eons,
One word enough to warm a day.

The good things were too good,
The bad never even known.

There were no barriers to climb,
Only our reticence to love.

There was only love and life,
With the life-spirit to guide us.

There was harmony and peace,
Like the blend of river and sea.

Magic like fire and water,
Miracle of the best possible life.

Yet we said no words that turned
The disparate you and me into us.

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Ava Suri said...

Lovely poem, Maria.