Wednesday, March 07, 2018

For you and me

With every season be it spring, summer, autumn or winter
Let your wheels turn, let your candles bring down heaven.
With every angry tone that fills your blood with remorse,
Fight like an amazon and whisper love in his longing ear.

Bring fireflies, butterflies and dragonflies from nether,
Bring strength, gentleness and all the necessary from here,
Raise your voice against evil where you see it or hear it,
But choose to wear the colours of the rainbow or even more.

Swaddled in rainbow colours, let your young ones awaken,
To the cooing of your voice in lullabies and corrections;
Let your love pour forth in all contradictions old or new,
In choosing the nicest perfume or being the equal to him.

Caress his grey hair and nurture your young ones lovingly,
Pray for equality but keep your eyes on the battleground.

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