In this beautiful world, I have no desire to die,

I wish to live in the midst of men.

In this sunlight, in the flowering forests

In the heart of all living things may I find a place

Incessant is the play of life across the earth

With its perennial waves of union and separation, laughter and tears.

Weaving songs from the sorrow and happiness of man

I wish I might build an immortal realm.

Or failing this, I hope I can claim a seat

Amongst you for as long as I live

Composing songs like flowers that blossom ever afresh

For you to gather in the morning and noon.

Accept these flowers with a smile, and then alas!

Cast them aside as they fade and die.

Rabindranath Tagore

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Let me watch the stars with you;
The warmth of a lovely sunrise;

Let me travel with you once again
To a home near the River Green;

Let us play in the shallow waters
Like always in a lost sacred childhood.

Let me stand with you near a grave
Lost in renovation and forgetfulness;

Let me find love once again with you;
The lost beauty of love and smiles;

Let me sit beside you in a shikara
As it floats across the blue waters.

Let me colour this circle of life again
With a spot of red from your hands.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Once we sat under the shadow of the red rock;
When we were wanderers across the fields
That night, we weaved dreams out of light,
Broke boundaries and wrote a life together.

We rode out together into the dark night,
Counting the stars and then stopping only
For brief respite and then starting again;
You singing with your shining eyes on me.

We dived into those cool soothing waters,
We slept under the canopy of those trees;
We quenched the thirst of these long years
With our hearts full and souls replenished.

When I woke up, scared of what I will see,
You were lying next to me smiling at me.

Monday, February 23, 2015


The days have been so humdrum,
With blue sleepless hazy midnights
Words in blank ink scattered across
Scores of white scraps of paper.

You needed a few words from me,
Just to chase away the wild blues;
May be I was at a loss for words
With boundaries drawn around;

Now the colours are out on show,
In purple, indigo, green and white;
The shades of blue and black
Ink scattered on these blank pages.

Two spheres in  their orbits are
Two fools who can’t be fooled.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


There were forgotten words and broken promises;
Hues matched, songs played and dreams shared
From a springtime of love in another sacred space
That comes back in full riot in your shining eyes.

A world that was lost for not being a Stepford,
With long hair, obedience or even a loyal heart,
A world that was built upon years of dreams
That this elemental water had lost in time.

In the meantime, our definitions have changed;
From two strangers lost in a strange dream;
Obeying rules and breaking no boundaries,
Going from day to day without any joys.

With you, I am a sun that needs to rise and shine,
That meets your mischief with a matching hue.