Sunday, August 25, 2019

Eternal love

Your love was a treasure I should have held close,
Without a word uttered to anyone about what we'd,
Without a soul to know the magic that we shared;
Yet what I did was to sing from the rooftops.

Time went by ruthlessly turning all love into dust,
Shrouding this love with absence and forgetfulness,
Causing much heartache and jealousy for this heart
Who cannot bear to lose you to another any day.

The piece of earth in me loves the rain of memories,
The way the love light in your eyes could bring life,
With the positive energy that only you could bring,
Rare fantasies, hardly said aloud or acknowledged.

However, this love has its days of life and death
What makes it special is its stubborn refusal to die.

Monday, August 19, 2019


You and I share not just a life in common; 
Love of music, readable books and people, 
Fighting for rights of people in dire need
Of living a life together against all odds.

Dreams of sunrises, siestas and twilight, 
Our limbs entangled in sweet embraces
Your eyes that drink me up like coffee
Shared dreams of a life of togetherness. 

At times fantasies of idyllic happiness, 
That turn erotic at the slightest whim, 
Lips against lips, limbs against limbs
A longing to join heart, body and soul. 

May be a desire to lose myself fully in you
And get back to work after a sip of coffee.


Saturday, August 10, 2019


Not that I don't feel grateful for what you have been to me throughout the ages. Yet at times, my friend, I need to tell you that you have learnt to read between the lines in a superficial way, proving your brains faster than ever making an attempt to reach out and understand the meaning behind the words.

Sometimes, you need a lifetime to know histories, the wings that were broken so early by bearing so much that too so early in life. The indifference of loved ones, lacks that are spelt so clearly and in bold letters that you never had to undergo  shape the ones that you judge so harshly with your superficial understandings; but I can say for sure that you will never be able to do anything worth that is worth of criticism from others if you spend your time like this.

You know that I have been treading through these stations wearily as am a poor soul who lives with the little happiness that is tossed my way. Let me hold my treasures safe as you hold yours; for these are a refuge against a cold and broken reality. Together, we can create a new story, if only you are open for living in the present.