Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Leaves in his hair

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The tiny yellow leaves that had got stuck in his hair made me feel a strange tenderness for him. At that moment, what I wanted the most was to run my fingers through his hair and to make him feel a strong sense of intimacy between us that might have started to grow in my mind. This feeling of being one with him even when away from him hit me like a thunderstorm, the first time I had gazed into his deep eyes. His eyes possessed that strange power to nudge me from your usual train of thoughts and make me high.

The leaves might have fallen on his head as he waited for me under the trees. Though he said he had not waited much, his eyes showed his longing as if he was eager to see me arrive at the spot. His eyes flickered with a strange delight the moment he heard my footsteps and he looked up. When he looked at me every time, it was like I could hear the roar of the thunderstorm that was brewing between us. I don't think I need much except this roar of the thunderstorm daily to live. 

Monday, May 28, 2018


Why to sing of love when all our hopes are buried?
Why to talk of love when there is anger everywhere?
 Love has become the truth that needs to be sung,
From the rooftops, for the near and dear to wonder.

Why talk of the rain during the scorching summer?
Why talk of warmth during the dark wintry nights?
What is often needed becomes the talk of the hour,
Much missed yet has to be recognized and sought.

The earth celebrates the touch of rain with sprouts
That break afresh everywhere through the ground;
The sky relishes the warmth of the sun with life,
During the dark cold nights that follow December.

The piece of earth in me that celebrates the rain,
And the piece of sky in me that loves sunshine.

Summer Rains

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There are no songs of the summer showers without you,
There is no summer tedium that doesn’t burst into rain,
When a good old love like ours is remembered in time,
When your wet hair and shiny eyes can bring a downpour. 

In that summer of uncertainties a billion decades back,
When it scorched and blazed into unquenchable fires,
We might have stood at the same crossroads unawares,
We might have been the chemistry that burnt a world.

Still, I remember how the songs burst into summer rains,
Still, I remember how you will never say what you want,
Probe me just to find out what I am thinking right now,
Yet not recognize may be it was about you that I thought.

The words remain concealed in our sacred spaces forever,
The few random lines of poetry that fails to give recompense.

Forever Emerald: Confession

When he saw her after her moving performance,
He was too spellbound by the very sight of her,
She looked so beautiful in her turquoise dress,
And earrings that moved with her every move.

She asked him whether he had liked the song,
He answered by saying that it was quite soulful,
Then gathered courage and asked her firmly,
"Will you marry me? Will you be my soulmate?"

He narrated how she occupied his thoughts daily,
That there was no moment of peace in his mind,
He wanted to make her his wife as fast as possible,
For which she shook her head shyly and smiled.

A wedding raga played from the nearby temple
They looked at each other in surprise and bowed.

Forever Emerald: Wedding Thoughts

When she met her love on their wedding day,
She took his hand and said a prayer for them,
To be happy with all the good things in life,
To be blessed with the gift of many children.

Her heart whispered as she held his bold gaze,
You are my want, my need, my desire, my world,
The only one I will cherish till the end of this life,
The only one whose hand I will hold till I die.

I want yours to be the shoulder where I return,
With all the broken scattered pieces to be held
Yours the eyes that hold the gaze that meet me
Yours the lips that in gentle surprise greet me.

Her heart wanted him to hold nothing back, 
To stay till the end of their lives as soulmates.

Forever Emerald: Our Wedding Day

When she stepped out of her home that special day
She thought of her first baby steps in this courtyard,
Her flight across the place for many chores daily
Her mother's description of her constant persistence.

This is the ancestral home that I will leave behind,
To be with the man I love, adore and cherish forever
May be in the coming years, it will welcome them,
My children borne out of this sacred wedlock.

 Before I leave I want to take in the familiar scents,
The incense from the prayer room that fills the air,
The sweet scent of white champak that enchants,
The joy of mother's delicacies that brings you home.

This home is where my heart took a butterfly flight
Just when it got permission to marry the one I love.


I wonder all the time
How one could write
A love story without
Adding a cliche or two.

What about hearts beating
Words that are unspoken
Warm eyes that tell stories
Or silences that speak.

Nor could you ignore
A heart as good as gold,
Or a broken or weary one
Or sad partings or ends.

One could add kisses
That last an eternity
Or smiles that set
Hearts on fire, always.

Or add no endings
Except happily ever after
Or of coming in dreams
Or the tests of true love.

Despite all the cliches,
That you and I created,
It's them who live them,
Others to the fullest. 

With or without it
All the cliches don't say-
Of a life with you in real
Or the life without you.


Leaves in his hair

  The tiny yellow leaves that had got stuck in his hair made me feel a strange tenderness for him. At that moment, what I wanted the mos...