Thursday, October 30, 2014

Good Fortune

There was good luck on my cards today
Not that I care much being what I am
But my fortune wasn’t good enough
Without a smile to lighten my day.

Not that I am what you want me to be
Not that I do what you really want me to
I have always ran away yet lost miserably
For some, I am a lion in a cage.

A lion that they watch and observe
Throwing bits and pieces on my day
Fighting over my ownership at times
Teasing me for all my past mistakes.

Yet when I look at an empty space
A stupid grin spreads across the face. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014



You call yourself a strong woman while you are as human as we all are: strengths, weaknesses, mischief and complete dependence on your significant other. But day by day, you feed on our frailties and paint yourself strong and independent.

In your eyes, I see myself as being labelled messy, irresponsible and different yet I know that it’s the same longing to escape this maze of life that’s in your heart as well as in mine. But at times, I laugh when I see that you are too scared to walk alone in the dark; while I have lost even my longing to lean against a loving shoulder. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Soul Friend

I haven’t had a true friend in years, one that listened and criticized and encouraged and beat the shit out of my foggy two-mind. But you are that wonderful find, one in a million, who looks at things in the eye, takes the best and ignores the rest. I feel the difference when I speak to the rest who speak twisted truths and create stories out of nothingness. I have been bearing this cross of life for years but it feels lighter when your hands support me and your prayers encourage me.  You are my best wine, mellowed and intact that keeps me chin up during the toughest of these times. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014


On this visit to my hometown, I was reminded of my last visits as I walked across the River Green. The river looked like a huge sheet of dirty green water while in my memory it was always a shiny green.

The last visits were on deaths; I never cried enough though I was carrying a cross and stood brave among the wailing women. But this time, though on a happy occasion, I felt the tears as they tumbled past on my return journey.

What all things I cried for I have no clue, the wasted years in search of a mirage, the lost opportunities, the life of strife and constant unpleasantness. But it gave me clue to a puzzle: that I might become for you a mirage that you will follow yourself to destruction. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014


It’s a craterly moon
That gets up at night
Puts on some light BB
And steps out for you.

No luminous skin
Just some BB cream
That lasts through
The entire day

With kissable lips
From Maybelline
With dark eyes
From the same

It was a fool heart
That knew no joys
That put on all this
To walk around happy

There was no bloodsign
Of joy and desire
Only a broken heart
But only sore words.

But time healed words
And the moon steps
Bright and clear
For all eyes to see.

It’s just layers of paint
Painstakingly done
From BB, CC and DD
Not what you think

You are late my dear
As always to reach
For a craterly moon
Belongs to the sonne.

Friday, October 10, 2014


Can’t still this crying heart
That cries along with an innocent,
One wronged, accidentally,
One who wears his heart on the sleeve.

This heart cries everyday, every moment
For I have sinned against an innocent,
One who hasn’t learnt the ways of the world
One who wears his heart on his sleeve.

For seven long years I have not prayed
Nor moved these lips to silent reverence,
Whatever religion was only for comfort,
Not since I lost love on the way.

A right signal read at the wrong time,
My dear, it was only an accident,
But one that showed a clear heart
Untainted by this world of false love.

Can’t bear to see your broken soul,
Your sad face and lost happiness,
That tortures me day and night, so
I take up my beads to pray once again.

Thursday, October 02, 2014


You and I were the best together
Those who spoke without  words.

We could hear each thought
And read the hurt whenever.

So alike in nature that each
Would suffer than confess love.

One day of absence was like eons,
One look enough to warm a day.

The good things were too good,
The bad never even known.

There were no barriers to climb,
Only our reticence to love.

There was only love and life,
With the life-spirit to guide us.

There was harmony and peace,
Like the blend of river and sea.

Magic like fire and water,
Miracle of the best possible life.

Still we said no magical words that turned
The disparate you and me into us.

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