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Saturday, November 15, 2014


Artemis and Athena 
Walked in these corridors; 
Until in your eyes
Aphrodite was wakened.

But all the gods are aware
Of this sea-change
That has brought nothing
But trouble and beauty.


A muse who made me smile, 
Made me cry, versify
Once again

Move On

You can help me get over you
I can help you get over me
May be that's what is love


A wall was built
Between two souls
That loved well.
But if I fly out
Of this maze
This happens
What does it
Make me?


A childhood smile
Mirrored in two faces
In a new season of love


The music of voice 
Once tasted
And made forbidden

Desire of the moth for the star
Night for the morn
Is that what you are?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Déjà vu

Monday brought its blues
The pull between dreams
And the bitter reality
When you had to face
The same music, in the past

The fear of an ending
When there’s no beginning,
Without anything to say
Except a few bitter words
And as you say my lies

What can I say except
That you have no clue
What mess you will be
When all this finishes
Because I know well

Sometimes the heaven
Offers some warning
Some strange signal
For the weary traveller
To run away for life

There are no endings
Nor any beginnings
In a love like this
Only a pervading sense
Of our seamlessness

Friday, October 10, 2014


Can’t still this crying heart
That cries along with an innocent,
One wronged, accidentally,
One who wears his heart on the sleeve.

This heart cries everyday, every moment
For I have sinned against an innocent,
One who hasn’t learnt the ways of the world
One who wears his heart on his sleeve.

For seven long years I have not prayed
Nor moved these lips to silent reverence,
Whatever religion was only for comfort,
Not since I lost love on the way.

A right signal read at the wrong time,
My dear, it was only an accident,
But one that showed a clear heart
Untainted by this world of false love.

Can’t bear to see your broken soul,
Your sad face and lost happiness,
That tortures me day and night, so
I take up my beads to pray once again.

Four leaf clover