Friday, November 28, 2014


You have found each broken piece, 
And fitted them perfectly well, 
But are you sure you've found it all?

The deities of time and space, 
The wise old ones are omniscient
Of dreams that have never breathed.

You are the best dream of all, 
One that makes me smile everyday
In spite of the chains that bind me. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jigsaw Puzzle

In a shutter second the world moved;
The skies crashed and you dreamt
While I went on with whatever I was
Imbibed a very precious pinned lesson.

Your dreams taste of a world abandoned
Long ago and far away, a mythical bowl
Of tears and laughter, rain and sunshine
That pulled you back once again.

You and I were part of a whole picture
Two shots taken seconds apart in a crowd
One leaning against another’s shoulder
Home and heart against each other.

There are no trysts or sweet nothings
But two philosophers meet in thoughts.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Once there was a child
Who went home
With a song on his lips
So happy that others
Envied his happiness. 

Once his glance fell on
A girl who dragged her
hated home
Throughout her life
That everyday was a drag
Of feet back home. 

But she made a home
Wherever she was
Full of people to love
Talk and laugh and tease
A real home of love. 

He without knowing all
Went to make a home
In her vacant heart
Has lost his song of joy
And happiness of heart. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Blue bird

Yesterday, I saw a child
Doing what I want to do
But cannot do and smiled

It caught a bluebird
With its tiny hand
And spoke so easily

The colour code

The colour code scheme of unity
At times the actions and words 
Never match the intentions
And sadly we can agree.

The equal codes of blue we wore
On a day that matched an aim
Always trying to prove better
Than try to work together. 

The colour code of yesterday
The colour code of today
The colour of tomorrow
Will be our shades of nature. 

Sometimes it matches dreams
Sometimes it does not.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pursuit of happiness

The purple riot began
And took root slowly.

Who would've thought
Who would've known

In the rear view mirror
It looks like spring again

It's snowing every morn
And melting by evening.

The beauty that returned
The songs that don't cease

One day sitting nearby
Feeling the full purple riot

The deep desire in your eyes
That sang to me whole night

The hand that almost reached
The purple riot in your heart.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Artemis and Athena 
Walked in these corridors; 
Until in your eyes
Aphrodite was wakened.

But all the gods are aware
Of this sea-change
That has brought nothing
But trouble and beauty.


A muse who made me smile, 
Made me cry, versify
Once again


The Sun feels unworthy
To be the source of light; 
What ifs scream in its head.

You could fly and find a star
New, devoid of blemishes
Old scars or its reticence

Yet the Sun falls into darkness
When this daily mirroring
Doesn't happen as imagined.

Move On

You can help me get over you
I can help you get over me
May be that's what is love


A wall was built
Between two souls
That loved well.
But if I fly out
Of this maze
This happens
What does it
Make me?


A childhood smile
Mirrored in two faces
In a new season of love


The music of voice 
Once tasted
And made forbidden

Desire of the moth for the star
Night for the morn
Is that what you are?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Déjà vu

Monday brought its blues
The pull between dreams
And the bitter reality
When you had to face
The same music, in the past

The fear of an ending
When there’s no beginning,
Without anything to say
Except a few bitter words
And as you say my lies

What can I say except
That you have no clue
What mess you will be
When all this finishes
Because I know well

Sometimes the heaven
Offers some warning
Some strange signal
For the weary traveller
To run away for life

There are no endings
Nor any beginnings
In a love like this
Only a pervading sense
Of our seamlessness

Monday, November 10, 2014


Who am I to give you dreams and then spread snow all over them? No one would do that if they are in their right senses. But sometimes, when nothing remains sacred anymore, there is a sense that comes with breaking rules and running away from multitudes.

Now, the words themselves have lost meaning I guess from the time I last uttered them; totally meaningless chatter full of nervous laughter that doesn’t make much sense. May be the Gods are cruel because I am cruel to you; or may be they are not.

Only time is judge as to the torture that I inflict on you by giving dreams one day and spreading it with snow the next day. Words don’t mean much do they, but let me say that I am sorry for all this mess that I make everyday! 

Four leaf clover