Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The life of hopes and ambitions is not the life you live,
From the cradle the baby is taught to dream and hope
But when the dark and light of youth decide to fight,
It is often darkness which wins and leaves one lost.

For the ones who have won and moved ahead of others,
Who do not share the burden of your past sorrows,
Who measure you by their own measures of success,
Your dreams are a reason to poke fun and laugh at you.

While you plod against life gathering the missing pieces,
Often having to start again after losing so many times,
The victory that would have tasted sweet in dreams,
Being like a mirage that eludes only you every time.

Yet some day the dark would give way to the dawn,
And if God wills, it will be an everlasting sunshine.


May be we learnt this silence from nature,
From dormant volcanoes that do not show
Any signs of life; but explode into rages
And passions, creating new terrains,
Blending with the waters of the ocean.
This love hides itself behind a wave of silence,
That sweeps away everything in its path,
But is natural like the merge of streams,
Like the blossoming of flowers in arid deserts,
And the sight of birds in the morning.
It springs natural, magical, dream-like
On the food of silence and nothing else.
For words have no meaning in this love,
And take away the magic of its silence. 

Songs of Sunshine

When the heart chose its path
And burnt all the other roads,
Reason was silent and sore,
But the heart hoped and loved
More than everything else.

In the days of radiant sunshine
Free and uncensored thoughts,
Effortless talk with smiles,
Laughter, kisses and love,
No bitterness was foreseen.

Now the sunshine is gone,
Replaced by the rainy days
Just like the pre-sunshine age
Each day after the other
Again an uneventful life.

The clock has been turned
Back to the mixed times,
Bittersweet and mundane,
Where no dark clouds were,
It is raining incessantly.

The days of sunshine are over,
With no hopes of coming back,
Angry words and accusations,
No daily downloads of news
Only spite and seething anger.

Yet this heart that forgot itself,
Became rougher and tougher
Day after day remembers,
The melodious tunes it knew
In the days of bright sunshine. 

Saturday, August 03, 2013



You remember dear,
I have reached where you were,
When Humpty-Dumpty broke the wall.

All could be seen for a while was pieces
Of your broken shell that hurt my eyes
And bled my heart for you were gone.

It was a lesson, these long years
To know what you lose in a moment-
A king, his horses and his men. 

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