Friday, November 12, 2010


The days of darkness are over finally.
I had waited for the dawn to come for long;
One little wrong word and too much veracity
Had killed this free spirit too early.

Thirst for knowledge and love of life lost,
The soul had shrunk as if pickled in brine
And lost its freedom, its love for life,
Become like an empty vessel thrown in mud.

Now you have brought so many joys and smiles,
You have changed the face of this terrain,
With your dash of luck you sail forward
Taking us both in your pleasant stride.

If I had not known this darkness, my dear,
I'd have never known the value of your smile.

Creative Writing

This is from an article that I read the other day. Motivation and Creativity: Effects of Motivational Orientation on Creative Writers by Teresa M. Amabile of Brandeis University. The study focuses on creative writing as an intrinsic activity that writers do with no expectation of any reward. Many people who participated in this study named the following as reasons why they wrote:
  • You get a lot of pleasure out of reading something good that you have written
  • You enjoy the opportunity for self-expression
  • You achieve new insights through your writing
  • You derive satisfaction from expressing yourself clearly and eloquently
  • You feel relaxed when writing
  • You like to play with words
  • You enjoy becoming involved with ideas, characters, events, and images in your writing. 

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