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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Nissim Ezekiel's "Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S"


our dear sister

is departing for foreign

in two three days,


we are meeting today

to wish her bon voyage.

You are all knowing, friends,

What sweetness is in Miss Pushpa.

I don't mean only external sweetness

but internal sweetness.

Miss Pushpa is smiling and smiling

even for no reason but simply because

she is feeling.

Miss Pushpa is coming

from very high family.

Her father was renowned advocate

in Bulsar or Surat,

I am not remembering now which place.

Surat? Ah, yes,

once only I stayed in Surat

with family members

of my uncle's very old friend-

his wife was cooking nicely…

that was long time ago.

Coming back to Miss Pushpa

she is most popular lady

with men also and ladies also.

Whenever I asked her to do anything,

she was saying, 'Just now only

I will do it.' That is showing

good spirit. I am always

appreciating the good spirit.

Pushpa Miss is never saying no.

Whatever I or anybody is asking

she is always saying yes,

and today she is going

to improve her prospect

and we are wishing her bon voyage.

Now I ask other speakers to speak

and afterwards Miss Pushpa

will do summing up.

By Nissim Ezekiel

Monday, February 13, 2012



Your words dance across the pages,
They swirl and twirl and laugh.
Mine are like bits of coal before them,
I hide them away in embarrasment.

When I miss you, I seek their laughter,
Your lightness and your fooling around.
Then I remember that though like coal,
You hold them close to your face.

How else can I put a finger on my joy,
That comes to me during saddest hours.
How else can give a reason for your face,
Dark and long for so many dreadful days,

The dark shadows are still on your face,
Though it's been a long long long time.

Four leaf clover