Monday, November 16, 2009


We sat on the sands watching the sun set,
Splashing many hues from a vibrant palette,
What shades of blue, grey, red and orange,
Etched against a mass of blue ocean.

The waves beat against the sandy shore,
While crowds gathered to step into water,
Toddlers and children, laughing wildly,
While we watched and took in the scene.

Now, many seasons have come and gone,
The shades have become only lovelier,
While the light of love that once was there,
In your eyes have faded with the seasons.

No words are enough to describe that light,
Or the brilliant hues of the setting sun.

1 comment:

swapna said...

Beautiful and you are in full form on this one.Guess the sea breeze and sunshine has done you good girl.

I agree, setting sun is beyond words and splash the most brilliant hues.