Friday, January 15, 2010


In a different life made of walls and despair, you were my way of stepping into the future.Often I walked out of the walls and despair by travelling into time and dreaming of the future. 

You were a  pair of little feet walking beside me always giving me comfort . It was from your eyes that I learnt the magic of innocence and unconditional love. Still you cling to my hand as we walk together in the street, though you are grown up and hate to be called "baby".

You do not know much each and every word of yours mean to me. More than anything, all the silly rambling talks that we share- on the metaphysics of nothingness- have meaning than all the conversations on making a living or following dreams.

From the first time, I saw you and held your tiny form in my hands, you have remained with me as a treasure, a whiff of home and childhood that makes my heart flutter and wants to tease you forever with all those silly recountings of your countless mischiefs.


കൊച്ചു മുതലാളി said...

:) There is always someone to help you break the wall and despair. You only need to search for it.. Once you find it, it will be in your mind for a lifetime...

Keep posting...

swapnap said...

I could imagine the solace you receive from an unconditional love.

Loved the phrase "whiff of home and childhood", it was indeed a nice effective usage.

Hope you had a great Sunday.