Wednesday, February 17, 2010


You advise me to write about my life and the things I have known closely and clearly; beings that I have cared about the most; so that you can read into my person and know the workings of my mind, which changes from transparent to translucent to opaque all the time. All you want to do is to know me inside out.

But when I think upon writing about my life, a rein of reticence falls on my hand. It pauses suddenly. It thinks twice before going into details- about writing out its venomous accusations and repressed memories of loss and longing. It hates to point fingers at the usual figures of contradiction who inspire mixed feelings of love, hate, fear and freedom.

Is there truth or only versions of it-yours, mine, theirs- that have become too vague to be recalled with accuracy. So, this heart dislikes to break its own shell of peace and refuses to indulge in resurrecting skeletons in the cupboard, that too in these days of love and sunshine.


Jayanta Deka said...

a short crispy writing..! gr8 work..
even I too wondered what to write about life...! too complex at times and at other too plain!
But then found out something that I try to jot down in "an odyssey... tits bits of a journey called life!"
a nice post... looking for more...

swapnap said...

Maria,Glad to see that you are in your reading and writing elements. I see a lot of neat writes here..."a rein of reticence falls on my hand"...loved it.