Friday, March 19, 2010


This little life has known ups and downs and plateaus. There were moments of great strife when the mind showed great courage and lived life to the fullest. Slump was the result when there was nothing to fight for and normal life was lived when days were all the same with nothing eventful between waking up and going to sleep.

Occasionally, there were those nightmarish times when it turned into nothing but a series of misfortunes one after another, when the heart had to face troubles all by itself and there was nobody who could help or listen. It was such a point of life, a quieter me evolved, who does not explain herself to anybody or anything and is happy with whatever life drops in these outstretched pair of hands.

How will you know, who became a tormented soul so late unlike me, one who has tormented each and every one of your listeners every day with your contagious chalice of bitterness, about being open-minded and living in the moment? I have my days of bitterness; but looking carefully I understand that all these words of bitterness were from a whiff of your putrefaction. 

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കൊച്ചു മുതലാളി said...

ന വേത്തി യോ യസ്യ ഗുണ പ്രകര്‍ഷം
സ തം സദാ നിന്ദതി നാത്ര ചിത്രം
യഥാ കിരാതീ കരികുംഭജാതാം
മുക്താം പരിത്യജ്യ ബിഭര്‍ത്തി ഗുഞ്ജാം

ചാണക്യ നീഥി 11:8

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