Monday, September 29, 2014

You and I

You are an innocent who wears his heart on his sleeve in a world full of lies. You read a signal wrong and caused this accident of love to bloom in your heart. I am the one who knows and bears the hurts from those seething with anger, the ones who really love you and care for you. I was like a sleepwalker till you made me see what you wanted me to see. 

Your pain makes me cringe and makes me feel miserable about my carelessness.Though I broke your heart and watched you crumble, I know that it's for your own good. Yet the worlds that we inhabit will be broken down if ever our words meet. Sometimes, I wish that you will open your eyes and see me for what I really am, not what you think me for: no goddess but just an ordinary woman.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Secret Passions

When I first saw you I thought you looked familiar but I couldn’t place my finger on it. But in time, I remembered that it had something to do with the songs in another time and space, though lost and gone. Your mannerisms could bring back a secret passion for a quiet matter-of-fact friend. Without my knowledge, summer turned to spring and heard a new music from your heart, one that couldn’t understand nor could listen to without being led away from my real world. So turn back, clench my fists and try hard not to let the enemy of temptation enter my fortress. But the world around has not been blind either for there are no secret passions anymore but only hearts that crumble with every smile, real or fake. 

Monday, September 01, 2014


It’s raining heavily this evening
But there alights a golden glow;
On the tall trees of the campus,
The fox’s wedding of the lore.

A sight enough to lift the chill,
We stand in the corridor amazed;
While a horde of boys cackle
To show who’s boss around here.

The rain looks drawn like lines,
Straight by a measured hand;
When the glow disappears sudden
We get back to work and chatter.

A cold long rainy evening it was
Made warm with our smiles.

The darkest hour