Saturday, February 28, 2015


In a dream world of English breakfasts,
Portuguese wines, Indian spices, Spanish songs,
Our brown skins will gather tan on French leaves.

Your songs, Thinking Out Loud, and word games,
Kissing through words of poetry- Hafiz and Rumi,
Red FM screaming through the kitchen windows.

Your atheism, my running between beliefs-
Christianity, spirituality and Zen Buddhism
All melting against the love-light in your eyes.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Once we sat under the shadow of the red rock;
When we were wanderers across the fields
That night, we weaved dreams out of light,
Broke boundaries and wrote a life together.

We rode out together into the dark night,
Counting the stars and then stopping only
For brief respite and then starting again;
You singing with your shining eyes on me.

We dived into those cool soothing waters,
We slept under the canopy of those trees;
We quenched the thirst of these long years
With our hearts full and souls replenished.

When I woke up, scared of what I will see,
You were lying next to me smiling at me.

Monday, February 23, 2015


The days have been so humdrum,
With blue sleepless hazy midnights
Words in blank ink scattered across
Scores of white scraps of paper.

You needed a few words from me,
Just to chase away the wild blues;
May be I was at a loss for words
With boundaries drawn around;

Now the colours are out on show,
In purple, indigo, green and white;
The shades of blue and black
Ink scattered on these blank pages.

Two spheres in  their orbits are
Two fools who can’t be fooled.