Friday, October 20, 2017

Forever Emerald: Sleepless Nights

When she saw him waiting for her she smiled,
Her heart skipped a beat and she felt happy,
For this was what she wanted to do all day
The reason she was high just the other day.

She thought how she longed to see him again
The desire to be with him as his life-companion
To hold his gaze, to drink desire from his eyes,
And mulled over the last meeting in her mind.

The whole day, she spent lying on her bed,
With a book in her hand though she read not,
With the same page left unturned till night,
When she welcomed night with dreams of him.

The more she dreamt,the more restless became,
To toss and turn sleepless on bed till morning.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Forever Emerald: Soulmate

In the early morning light, he felt so happy,
Just to see her climb the stairs to the temple;
In his mind, he turned with a pleasant delight,
The many dreams he had woven only last night.

The feeling of having found a dream anchorage,
A future where his delights as a lover began,
Where she'd become wife and mother of his kids,
The home to return to and his soul-mate forever.

His eyes read her in a million searching ways,
Just to see what was so special about her today,
To remember the tiny details of her lovely face
Or the beauty of her gaze that she had returned.

As she climbed up the stairs , she saw him waiting
Gave a knowing smile as if she knew him well by now.

Forever Emerald: Dreams Forever

In the strange hours of this Diwali night,
He lay awake dreaming of the girl he met.
His heart whispered to him a strange song
That spoke to him through her demure eyes.

He dreamt of the years that stretched ahead
When holding her in his embrace was a chance,
One that he would delightfully embark upon,
One for which his dreams took anchorage.

He dreamt of her in the bright years to come,
When dressed in red she was his lovely bride,
The one for whom his heart longs for everyday
The home to which he could return after work.

On that starlight night full of bright lamp-lights
His dreams made her into his soulmate forever.

Forever Emerald: Falling in love

May be it was the silhouette of her heart-shaped face,
Bent down in prayer before the silence of the temple,
Or may be the jingle-jangle of her heavy ornaments
That caught his attention and made him look at her.

What was it that made him feel so happy he didn’t know
But he wanted to see more of her and know her name.
He ran out into the courtyard just to have a close look,
To his surprise she looked startled and stared at him.

There was curiosity in the eyes that looked back at him,
Innocence, sorrow and timidity before his bold gaze,
Then she walked down the stairs conscious of herself
And there he stood too dazed to move or say a word.

He was so happy with this chance meeting with her,
That he thought of coming there daily just to see her.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Forever Emerald: Love at First Sight

She stood before the holy place hands folded in prayer, 
Her face all aglow with simple beauty of her pure heart
Her eyes closed as she prayed for His sacred blessings
For enough wisdom, health and wealth to live well always.

When she stepped out into the courtyard of the temple, 
She saw herself staring at a radiant handsome youth,
Eyes aglow with innocent love and gentle playfulness
It was as if she was looking into a true opposite mirror.

She climbed down the steps, careful of her long dress,
Without meeting his eyes which searched her for a glance,
Her heart, a merry butterfly flew out of its long-lost shell
Flashed her the joys of holding his gaze long and steady.

She prayed for wisdom to guard her heart from his eyes,
And with sighs walked away from this love at first sight.

Forever Emerald: Sleepless Nights

When she saw him waiting for her she smiled, Her heart skipped a beat and she felt happy, For this was what she wanted to do all day The...