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Saturday, May 18, 2019


Every time I put henna on my hands I hum that song
Where I write your name on the palm of my hand,
Hidden in the intricate shapes, curves and designs
The story of the day we met or the day we spoke.

We have walked countless times around the fire
We have uttered so many different sacred chants
Of holding a bond so close just by keeping it safe
Deeply tied to the sense of our sacred silences.

We have celebrated in rhymes, absences felt,
The emotions that run wild and the colours
We have sang of the endless days we wandered
Listlessly, aimlessly and perfectly in silence.

Yet when I put mehndi on these hands of mine,
You smell them, as if it’s our first time together.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Under the banyan tree

Under the tender banyan tree
Who loves to sit with me,
And sing his soulful songs,
Watch the tender leaves flicker-
Come here, come here, come here!
Here we shall live
With no worries
All through this summer.

Our dreams soar sky high
Forever in the sunshine
Happy where we are
Happy with what we have
Come here, come here, come here!
Here we shall love
With no fears
All through this summer.

Monday, July 16, 2018


Let me watch the stars with you;
The warmth of a lovely sunrise;
Let me travel with you once again
To a home near the River Green;

Let us play in the shallow waters
Like always in a lost sacred childhood.
Let me stand with you near a grave
Lost in renovation and forgetfulness;

Let me find love once again with you;
The lost beauty of love and smiles;
Let me sit beside you in a houseboat
As it floats across the blue waters.

Let me colour this circle of life again
With a spot of red from your hands.

Pic: ndtv

Monday, May 28, 2018


I wonder all the time
How one could write
A love story without
Adding a cliche or two.

What about hearts beating
Words that are unspoken
Warm eyes that tell stories
Or silences that speak.

Nor could you ignore
A heart as good as gold,
Or a broken or weary one
Or sad partings or ends.

One could add kisses
That last an eternity
Or smiles that set
Hearts on fire, always.

Or add no endings
Except happily ever after
Or of coming in dreams
Or the tests of true love.

Despite all the cliches,
That you and I created,
It's them who live them,
Others to the fullest. 

With or without it
All the cliches don't say-
Of a life with you in real
Or the life without you.


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Purple Riot

You were the little that I gave away once,
In a season, that I’ve never ever forgotten.
Dear, you were mine from the first time,
Your eyes locked mine in a tender gaze.

The purple riot began and took root slowly
Who would've thought, who would've known
With us, it looks like spring all of the time,
To snow in the dawn and to melt by evening.

The sunshine that returns or the many songs,
One day sitting nearby feeling the full riot, 
The deep desire in your eyes that sang to me
The whole night when you held me close.

You were the knight whose arms held me,
While I sang the songs of this purple riot.

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