Friday, January 09, 2009


When my friend speaks not,
And my ears hear not, 
Who is it to blame, 
You or I or us
For the careful words?

Whose story was it,
We all wrote together,
Amidst dreamy eras 
And slow-moving time,
Your being there always.

From two ends and spaces,
Two identities meet,
As if by written by fate,
Peels lying on the road,
It seems like accident.

Days wander and flow
Nights silent and slow,
Together we built towers,
That threaten heaven,
And touch the sky.

Then in one careless word,
The fury of heaven breaks,
Like tower of Bablyon,
Our world crumbles,
Into understood niceties.

Will you remember how we began?
The tongues we spoke together,
Drawn by puzzles and threads,
Scattered through words at edge,
We stand, like strangers again.

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