Thursday, January 08, 2009


You walked rebellion in high-heels,
Red lips and life without rules,
Named after a fragrant flower,
Yet a flower that fell too early.

You come for every gathering,
Unseen, unheard in silence,
You need no invitation,
Only fond remembrance,
And nothing else.

This time when your name,
Was mentioned I decided,
This time to break my silence,
To say in words what I felt.

The one you speak of,
Was more than rebellion to me,
The one whom you call,
Dishonourable was more,
More lively, beautiful than 
All of us put together.

Yet I held my breath,
Muted my fond words,
Feeling, knowing, judging well,
That you wouldnt understand,
Even if I said my deepest love.

Thus for you, my fallen flower,
Of ages forgotten, your death
Remains a mystery, just like your life,
Just like everything about you,
Shrouded in mighty silence.

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