Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spring Song Sung on a Swing

Until you came with your songs and laughter,
All I knew was the language of silence,
To choke and swallow whatever,
My heart whispered to me,

Until you came along I knew my heart,
And its sudden betrayals into surprise,
And its strange habit of killing joys,

I wonder how this time my heart remained still,
Without ever thinking of betrayals or rifts,
But only rebelled against whatever was there,
And set out without fear
To fight its own battles.

I know only the language of silence.
Don’t know, my dear, how to explain,
When and where it happened,
From where this chirpiness disappears,
Or how this young body contains,
A heart that’s heavy and old,
A mind that looks helpless at everyday tasks,
A blank mind and nothing else.

You’d always ask with silence and words,
What are you thinking, you enquire,
While there is nothing in the mind,
Only that pure sense of being lost,
Though I don’t know where.

This heart would have grown old and worn-out,
If it hadn’t been for you and your way with words,
Which wants to break all my vows of silence,
And barriers to love and loving,
And I give in willingly this time,
To learn the language of words,
At least this time.

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