Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It is strangely pleasing,
To see that you remember,
Each and every word I said,
Every word of nonsense,
Recorded and stored,
In your fond memory

All the queer fantasies,
Uneasiness and likes,
Every turn of phrase,
Recorded and stored,
Carefully held close
In your fond memory.

But I would rather you forget,
Every little thing, every word,
Than remember and store,
Treasure with sharp ache,
Going through every day
Like on a bed of arrows

I would rather you change
Change with the seasons
Dance with the crowds
Shake with roaring laughter
Smile that slowbreaking smile,
Than ever remember me.

Yet every night the candle burns,
With thoughts sent as waves,
Prayers that may or may not reach,
For all blessings to fill your hands,
And strength to forget, forget,forget
An intense slice of an uneventful life,
Lived without any sense of regret,
Only unmatched pride in victories.


swapnap said...

Loved this, good that you brought it up.

MS JOY said...

Thanks of my favourites, written long time back but love it!