Saturday, March 28, 2009

Few words for a writer friend

 A shade of violet, modest and humble,
Terse in speech, polished in style;
A rare specimen of delicious wine,
From choicest fruits with perfect taste;
So rare a being shines behind the words,
Graceful, intoxicating, beckoning for more
Words that mirror unspoken thoughts,
Known realms and a kinship of wavelength. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, its so neat and elegant. The colour is my favorite.Thanks for posting it.

kalyani vallath said...

Lovely writing. However the confessional tone sometimes gets tedious. I would suggest you try other themes and styles as well. Your writing should carry the power of ideas, of a philosophy of life. Now it is too much of the heart. And edit your work, dear. I feel some words and expressions can be fine-tuned and replaced with better ones. When you read, internalize the manifold ways in which language breaks into song. With more care, you will be impeccable!

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