Sunday, February 25, 2018

Forever Emerald: Falling in love

May be it was the silhouette of her heart-shaped face,
Bent down in prayer before the silence of the temple,
Or may be the jingle-jangle of her heavy ornaments
That caught his attention and made him look at her.

What was it that made him feel so happy he didn’t know
But he wanted to see more of her and know her name.
He ran out into the courtyard just to have a close look,
To his surprise she looked startled and stared at him.

There was curiosity in the eyes that looked back at him,
Innocence, sorrow and timidity before his bold gaze,
Then she walked down the stairs conscious of herself
And there he stood too dazed to move or say a word.

He was so happy with this chance meeting with her,
That he thought of coming there daily just to see her.

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