Saturday, February 10, 2018

Journal of a Female Quixote

A thousand blank pages await to record a few thoughts,
Serious or trivial or at times a mixture, just like this life;
All gathered from the same quixotic rambling heart,
One that has loved to dream, to fly, to win and to keep.

The serious thoughts were all about a love in my life-
How from a stranger you became my heart's anchorage,
From a chance acquaintance you grew into my world,
Changed my world into one of pleasant togetherness. 

The trivial thoughts were scribbled on early mornings,
A bundle of words on the pure delight of being alive;
When a burst of fresh air and a bit of bright blue sky
Were more than enough to keep this heart stay high.

But the best ones are the mixed ones, serious and trivial,
With and without you that finds room in today's journal. 

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