Sunday, March 29, 2009

Heart of a Rose

Lie still, though the night
May be long and dark
For when the muse comes to you,
Words make no sense
And if they cut a vein
Or punch an old pain
How will I mend,
How will I send,
My love to you?

But when your ache travels
As heartbeats from distant deserts,
They echo here and I cannot sleep
On any night or lull my restless mind

What else will I do,
When I have nothing else to do
But spin yarns and tall tales
To amuse you and lull myself
To sleep every night

For in one moment
A nameless feeling overruled
Every known feeling
You were looking at me
With surprise in your eyes

To answer that look
I must know the reason
And there is none
I can find except
That the feeling echoes
In some other place,
In the heart of a yellow rose.

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