Wednesday, March 18, 2009


A good piece of writing makes the reader curious. How did the writer write this? Was it based on some life experience of the writer? Or is just fantasy? Will I be able to write like this?

Plenty of books are available on how to become a writer. But a point raised against the authors of most of these how-to books is that they are not great in the sense Shakespeare or Rushdie or Keats are. May be they have written books that nobody reads but they have succeeded in writing the book and getting it published as well. These writers emphasise the importance of persistence.

This fact is quite opposing to the myth of a creative artist who puts pen to paper and thus creates a masterpiece without any previous effort. While studying the great writers, it is found that these writers constantly wrote and rewrote their words, researched more and more about their subject matters and themes, played with associations of ideas and the intricacies of language, to create a collage that became a complete work of art.

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Anonymous said... feels good to read your blog...i see that we share the same interest in literature, though i don't write about it much...will surely follow yours...

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