Friday, August 25, 2017


She was already late judging by the sunlight falling on her face. Her eyes were hurting and when she checked the time, it was 7. 

These nights of work were upsetting her biological clock. But somehow she loved her deadlines and the fun in finishing work just before the stipulated time. 

She got up, washed her face and thought of a perfectly finished task was there in her mind but she might have to run it again for small errors. 

While brushing her teeth, she thought of the different options before her for breakfast. 
There were some pleasant smells coming from the kitchen. It might from from the house next door. 

In the kitchen, Akash was frying eggs and toasting bread. The whole kitchen looked a mess but on the table were placed two cups of steaming black coffee.

This was kind of a surprise and she asked,“Do you want me to do anything?”
“No, you just relax and read your newspaper”. 
“What do you want- butter or jam on your bread?”
She went close to him, put her arms around him and kissed his right ear and said  "Thank you!"

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