Friday, June 05, 2009


The thin bodies of models
Tease from advertisements;
While I try walking, running
Skipping, skipping meals,
Doing whatever I can,
To get slim and sleek.

But the chocolate cake beckons,
From the nook at Spencer's
So does Crackle and Five Star;
Not to mention the ice-creams,
Fruit salads and carrot halwa.

When I see these delights,
All ideas of dieting lost,
The dream of a thin body,
Purged of its extra roundness,
Lost amidst bites of sweet,

So I binge more on sweets,
Think of exercising tomorrow,
While days pass one by one,
The models tease from ads,
With their thin sleek bodies,
But they can't have such delights
The way I can live on sweets.


siva // ശിവ said...

I think dieting is important as it makes us healthier....

MS JOY said...

Sure it is...but dieting and exercise also involves a good deal of will power :)

Anonymous said...

hmm...yeah takes lots and lots of will power...sigh...deep sigh!

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