Friday, June 12, 2009

Less and More

You tease me as heartless,
I tease you as brainless.
This continual bantering lessen,
What was more in life before,
Aimlessness and hopelessness,
Many more sorts of -lessness.*
But this combo is more than being,
Heartless, lifeless and loveless,
As the bantering continues,
Day by day with more wit,
Energy, drive and spirit,
To find each other new epithets.
Still this world of less is more alive,
Than before the day I found you.

*Note to the Reader:

-lessness is the suffix used with certain nouns (such as life, hope, aim) to denote an absence of that noun.

1 comment:

Jayanta Deka said...

nice post...! liked the theme also...
can u add my blo in ur blogroll\????

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